Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Strange Rock Houses Of The World

Strange Rock Houses Of The World


After so many days i coming back. 

Today, i am going to present few photos of some strange rock houses of the world in front of you. At the first look you will surprised that is it possible to make or create this kind of Rock houses? 

But, yes its true.mankind has that much power by which he can do anything impossible matter to possible.

Let's see and enjoy this moments with me. 

Source: Internet Photos Collection

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Sweet Tour of Tulip Farm

At first sight you will find the little children's crayons colors are arranged beautifully in sequence. Am I right ?

But, dear friend it is the sight of farmhouse of Tulip located at Northen Netharland and Holand.

In Northen Netharland every year, tulip is planted in one of big model farm which is ploted more then 10,000 hectors area.Normally, in octomber and november the bulbs are planted for plantation of flower.This farm house attracts 800.000 lacs visitors every year in a season. This place is most photographed place in the world. In this farm there is 15 k.m. footpath for visitors to visit the whole farm.In this farm, 44 million visitors have been visited during last 60 years.Flowers of 2/3 parts of total plantation have been exported every year to USA and Germany. And this place is Keukenhof Garden. 

( Source: Internet Photo Collection )

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ohh !!!!! Strange Pictures !

Perhaps, after looking this all picture you can also feel that ohh !!!!!!!!!!!   is it possible ? 

Can we also think like this and do it ? But, yes it is true. 

Let's see this true pictures.

( Source : Internet Photo Collection ) 

Monday, February 21, 2011

What A Creative Happens By Creative

In the world if anyone is so cleaver then it is human..
This human has creative lot of things in this world by using his brilliant and creative mind.
Now this creativity becomes so interesting due to the high technology, that for few minutes you can start to think that is is possible to do?
But, yes. It is possible, but in imagine or cleaver photography.

Lets, enjoy.........................................

( Source : Internet Photo Collection )